As a military spouse and mom to two small children rapid (i.e. unexpected and terrifying) change is an inevitable part of my life. I know first hand that beautiful, irreplaceable, every day moments pass us by so quickly that their true value is often realized only in hazy recollection. I believe that something that seems ordinary, like the look between a couple as they walk side by side, or the way a toddler holds his daddy's hand so tightly, is actually precious and deserves to be frozen in time, cherished always, and passed on to future generations. My passion is story telling through photographic and video art that is vibrant, emotional, and natural.

When I don't have a camera glued to my face I love to read books of every genre (though I generally am more on the "Lord of the Rings" end of the spectrum) and to eat pastries of every flavor. My minor obsession with cake may or may not, in fact, be a large part of why I love weddings so much. I am also a camping, fishing, and hiking enthusiast and that's often what my family of four plus two dogs can be found doing in our free time. While military life poses its challenges it also offers us an ever-changing backdrop to explore (and, of course, photograph)! My family is my constant inspiration and I feel incredibly blessed to not only be sharing my life with them but also to be sharing in the lives of the families who hire me to photograph them.

Wish you could ask me a few questions right now? Wish granted. Check out this aritcle with my answers to the five must ask questions when hiring a wedding photographer or send me a message!