Colorado Wedding Photographer

Folly Photography is a premier wedding photographer and wedding videographer in CO telling love stories through timeless images and video. We joyfully serve Colorado, Texas, Arizona, and destinations world-wide. Our speciality is documenting love stories in a natural style.

Photography is our business, storytelling is our passion.

Scroll down to hear why we’re obsessed with love stories and get a behind the scenes peek at a shoot!


When you find the right one everything changes. When you find the right one ten years can go by in the blink of an eye. We know that first hand, and we love watching it happen for other couples too.

You don't have to be in love to document it, but it helps.

Nate is your video guy and Misty is your photo gal. Misty is also the Grand Poobah Of All Editing and the point person for all communication and customer service. She is highly food motivated and will do pretty much anything for cake. Her greatest ambition in life is to pet all the dogs. And also to make stop-in-your-tracks-amazing photos of people in love.

Basically Nate just shows up on your wedding day, eats your food, drinks your beer, and makes some bad puns. But he captures really fabulous video footage in the process so we overlook it. He also keeps Misty laughing and makes sure she stays fed. A happy, non-hangry photographer means great photos. He might even make you laugh too if you're into dad jokes. 

We love working together and sharing in the joy of other couples as they start out on this crazy journey. It reminds us of how special our commitment is too and keeps us excited for more decades of marriage to come. So thanks for that.

Yes, Folly Photography offers wedding photography and wedding videography. We are always happy to provide them on their own, but we think there's a huge reward in having both.

Stills and film tell your story in two different ways. Together they create an immersive experience when you relive your wedding day. There's a huge difference between seeing a photo of the emotion on his face and hearing the tears in his voice. 

You'll find videos AND photos in many of our couples' blog posts, but you can also view more full length films on their own here.

Watch this video and find out why we're obsessed with your wedding and what it's like to be photographed by us!

Our newest video of the whole team is on its way!