Phoenix King of Kings Wedding | Jackie and Austin

Long-distance is hard. That’s practically a proverb; everyone know it’s true. It certainly has the power to break you and your relationship into tiny little pieces. But anyone who has endured it repeatedly, and for a long time, and come out the other side, like Jackie and Austin, will tell you it also has the power to forge the two of you into something bigger than life. Bigger than any distance, any forced silence, any loneliness. It can make you into an unstoppable force.

On the day of their Phoenix King of Kings wedding, Jackie and Austin officially recognized the long standing commitment in their hearts and took a well-earned respite from their time apart. They first met at a Christian government leadership camp they both staffed in high school. She was 16 and he was 18. The attraction was instant and as they began to learn more about each other, it only grew. Austin left that fall for the New Mexico Military Institute and, when Jackie came out to watch him play in the homecoming football game, he asked her father’s permission to date her.

I don’t know if Jackie’s father, Robert, had any reservations when he consented to Austin at the time (he has four daughters so I imagine lots of practice with this sort of thing), but by the time the wedding day rolled around it was pretty obvious to him and everyone else that, “Yes,” was the right answer. Jackie says that, from that day to this one, their story is one of “God’s immense grace and love.” And that love is written all over these photos, my friends.

western wedding

After a long and unsatisfying search, Jackie found her lace one-shoulder dress on the sale rack of all places. “It was just sitting there like no one wanted it,” she said, “and it was perfect.” Once her mom, Kim, helped her put it on, all the rest of us could do was smile and agree. Absolutely perfect.

one-shoulder wedding dress

Cowboy boots were just as perfect for horse-loving, easy-going Jackie. If you’ve seen their horseback riding engagement session at Catalina State Park or watched my intro video, you’re already acquainted with her love affair with Raz the Pinto Arabian.

cowboy boots wedding
Austin and Jackie had their first look together inside King of Kings Church. The sanctuary was quiet, expectant, and filled with God’s love. The perfect spot.

phoenix king of kings wedding
church wedding

After they had some time to share their joy alone, Jackie and Austin tucked themselves away to get ready for the big moment. Their ceremony was simple and profound, the only hitch a slight ring fumble by the best man, Austin’s brother Logan, which just made for some laughs and a story to tell in the years to come.

sunflower wedding
Phoenix King of Kings Wedding
King of Kings church phoenix

Jackie and Austin’s Phoenix King of Kings wedding was filled to the brim with people excited to witness the start of their “happily ever after.” In fact, when people began to be seated in the reception hall at the Estrella Vista Reception Center and Pavillion there were more people than seats! Usually fewer people show up than actually RSVP’d, but Austin and Jackie had the opposite problem! These two are just too loved by too many people… if you can call that a problem.

Phoenix King of Kings Wedding

After their ceremony we stole some time for photos with family and their bridal party of SIXTEEN! Once again we can see the “problem” of too much love from too many wonderful people. That must be really hard for them (wink, wink).  Seriously though, usually a group this size can be hard to wrangle but these ladies and gentlemen were all so thrilled to be a part of celebrating these two incredible people, they made it so easy on me. Doesn’t hurt that they’re all super gorgeous either.
posing large bridal parties
big bridal party

While their many guests enjoyed their awesome dinner, catered by Estrella, we stole outside for a few more photos just the two of them as the sun set. It just takes one look at these two together to believe in true love.
Grand Junction wedding photographer
telluride wedding photographer
Colorado destination wedding photographer
On to the party at the Estrella Vista Reception Center, and boy was it a rockin’ one! Jesse Pacheco of JP Productions‘ music was ON POINT all night long and the staff from Estrella kept everything running smoothly. All the bride and groom and their guests had to worry about was having a great time. Looking at the photos, I think they achieved that and then some!


emotional father daughter dance

f Denver wedding photographer
vail wedding photographer

Estes Park Wedding Photographer

After their last dance of the night, all of Jackie and Austin’s guests gathered outside Estrella Vista Reception Center. They sent the newlyweds on their way to their honeymoon in Europe with sparklers and shouts of well wishes. It was the perfect ending to their Phoenix King of Kings wedding, and the perfect beginning to a life filled with joy and love. As a recent West Point Grad and newly commissioned officer in the US Army (hooah!), Austin will no doubt be called by duty to spend time separated from his wife, and those long-distance times will be hard. We all know long-distance is hard. But I suspect, based on what I’ve seen, they’ll do just fine.

Steamboat Springs Wedding Photographer



Second photographer: Amanda Bynum, Amanda Bynum Photography
Videography: Dwell and Ramble Photography
Ceremony venue: King of Kings Church
Reception venue: The Estrella Vista Reception Center and Pavilion
Catering: The Estrella Vista Reception Center and Pavilion
DJ: Jesse Pacheco, JP Productions
Ceremony Music: Sabrina Harding
Cupcakes: Selah Beck
Bridal Party Hair: Lori Jowdy
Bridal Party Makeup: Bella Barr
Floral Design: Terry Ellot

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    • Oh goodness, Winnie, thank you! I’ll tell you OCF is always such a challenge and practice is the best teacher I’ve found! The Estrella Vista Reception center has a great ceiling for bouncing the flash, so that was a big part of the magic here!ReplyCancel

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    • I’m so glad you thought so Emilyanne! One of my favorite things about being a wedding photographer is getting to know the couple and their love story, so I really enjoy sharing it along with their images!ReplyCancel

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    • Thank you so much Elizabeth!! And no, it’s not weird at all to want Jackie’s arms because she is hella buff. Very enviable arms! One of the things she and Austin like to do together is lift!ReplyCancel

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    • I loved hearing their story to Lindsay! It’s one of my favorite things about being a wedding photographer: all those unique and wonderful love stories. <3ReplyCancel

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